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Corporate Massage

I also offer my professional massage services to corporate clients throughout Hampshire, providing regular on-site seated chair massages, enabling employees to take a quick break from work to de-stress and re-energize.

Benefits of massage in the workplace include:

  • Reduces the symptoms of tension & stress in the neck and shoulders
  • Relaxes tired, aching and sore muscles
  • Promotes a positive overall feeling of well being, leaving employees feeling revitalised and energised
  • Increases staff motivation and morale

Seated massages can take place either at the desk or in a private room, using adjustable workplace massage chairs to provide a more comfortable and peaceful experience.

The length of treatment can be tailored to suit your employees needs and can be performed in as little as 10 minutes, ensuring there is minimal disruption to the working day. No need to remove any clothing as the massage is performed without the use of oil.

Corporate Massage Pricing

Session Length:

Max number of treatments by masssage and session length:


# of 10 mins

# of 15 mins

# of 20 mins

2 hours 8 6 5 £80
3 hours 11 9 7 £120
4 hours 15 11 9 £160
5 hours 18 14 11 £200
6 hours 22 17 14 £240
7 hours 26 20 16 £280